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Metrobank’s Historical Trade of Php100 per share – The vanity share

An oddlot trade of 5 shares bought at Php100/share was executed today. Well i hit it *ngisi ala general kumag*. Officially though the first investor to hit/buy MBT’s Php100 is a buddy of mine, senor John. Ang kokontra ay KJ 😛
MBT – Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company
9,770 99.85 99.90 19,440
18,750 99.80 99.95 174,990
23,500 99.75 100.00 647,700
18,000 99.70 100.10 3,240
13,000 99.65 100.20 10
11:45:44 100.00 5 COL EASTERN
11:45:44 98.00 3 COL PAN_ASIA
11:45:16 99.85 230 CLSA COL
11:44:53 99.90 100 COL COL
11:44:23 99.90 5,000 CLSA JPMORGAN

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HIstorical Mark – Metrobank and Oil

Last 2008, a certain trader named Gerry who hit the “first” $100/bbl price of oil made a record, well..of course, a record of the first “someone” who bought oil at $100/bbl. the seller, Richard Arens. was of course…. an oblivion momentarily to that trade as crude dudes and dudettes only uttered who the buyer was.

To the trader/investor who will mark MBT’s first Php 100/share, this is your moment. Although another bearish divergence is brewing.

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Yesterday so cute, now its very cute – TDY

Tanduay goes on voluntary trading suspension today (July31) due to “material” matters to be discussed at today’s board meeting

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This is so cute

Pre open. Time is 9:12am and a single bid of 1,000 shares only.
Funny *grin*
TDY – Tanduay Holdings, Inc.

1,000 4.95 4.95 1,000
0 0.00 4.96 4,000
0 0.00 5.00 1,000
0 0.00 5.05 5,000
0 0.00 5.15 200,000

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Forex: “Pataka” System

Pataka^  is a bisaya/hiligaynon word which means pointless or baseless.

The “Pataka” system main objective is just to trade continuously, of which its main objective was revealed on SMP Forex thread.

Later on, if i can find a good programmer, “Pataka” system can be modified as reversed-martingale, of which the idea is not to average down but to buy on the way up until the trend goes toppish. by doing so, the system will generate a single open position once the trend is momentarily over. it can also be modified by being both a real martingale and a reverse one, provided using a highly low leverage units with a 10-pip pt.

The Pataka System

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Some notes – ELI,FGEN,RLC,TDY

some notes:
eli bearish divergence still. needs 0.94 today to negate. this is on a weekly basis.
fgen, needs 18.86 to zoom up to parabolic status, otherwise may experience some breather which is but normal. if u happened to have fgen, u can sell some and buy on pullbacks later.
rlc,. negative divergence on its weekly chart. toppish
tdy on its daily chart went parabolic. weekly looks promising as well as it hurdle past its rsi resistance. tdy if ever went back to 4.70, not good.
all charts can be found @ blog
be well. God bless.

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RLC – threat of divergence

RLC Weekly chart

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