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Reference Chart – MMI Update

Daily Chart

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Reference Charts – GERI and SMDC

Geri Weekly

SMDC Daily

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Reference Chart – AP

AP Weekly. Testing major supports. AP Daily is already below its 50ma and rsi level 50.


BBand Weekly

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ADFVN Free Chart – The PSEi

Here we have a nice free chart courtesy of (for philippines

Here instead of using 50MA, we can change the standard deviation of the Bband from the default 2.0 to 0.20 and have a nice higher and lower set of bands dependent to 50MA. Using Keltner channels is okay but i like the Bbands more because it follows the 50MA and is not fixed.

You can save your work too.

adfvn chart

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Hoy PAX repeat again

Who would have thought PAX will end the day 2%+ higher @ 2.85 as it opened weak and with no volume.

Thus, I like to believe this Hoy crap really works. So for the third time, i post again.

Hoy PAX akyat.

I am magic.

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Hoy PAX again

Yesterday PAX was a top gainer on a 1k shares hit order at 2.79 (kung sino ka man nilalang, maraming salamat *ngisi* )
My post is magical. As soon as i did the post, somewhat PAX became alive despita the index that time having its period. I have the power to make a laggard stock with a 3.8B CASH HOARD (baka play money kaya walang pumapansin) move up. OO na. Ek ek.

Now, I’m calling PAX again. Hoyyyyy

I am magic.

ang maniwala, ewan ko na lang 😛

March 21, 2013 at 10:51 am 2 comments

Iceberg on PNX courtesy of aling pATRing

Aling Patring vs Kalesa (PNX’s pp underwriter)

PNX – Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.

10,000 9.50 9.55 400
3,500 9.46 9.65 1,000
7,100 9.40 9.70 20,000
1,100 9.32 9.72 7,500
14,600 9.30 9.80 11,600

09:45:41 9.50 10,000 ATR CLSA
09:44:33 9.50 10,000 ATR COL
09:41:22 9.50 10,000 ATR PEP
09:40:59 9.50 30,000 ATR PEP
09:40:40 9.50 30,000 ATR SB-EQTY
09:40:35 9.50 20,000 ATR SB-EQTY
09:40:26 9.50 20,000 ATR PEP
09:40:07 9.50 30,000 ATR PEP
09:38:36 9.50 20,000 ATR PEP
09:38:18 9.50 1,000 ABACUS PEP

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Sting of the V. Senor Genkumag projected it well.
AVISO: Apologies cant reply to inquiries but will try. Will leave b4 lunch. Half day. Stage Father.

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Hello V, the 3 stooges is back

A nice V bottom pattern intraday. Not until pre closing. The 3 stooges strikes back. Doing their “thing”, they marked down the heavies. From positive 40+ pts (coming from negative 120+ down on the index earlier), the marked down dragged the index to negative territory at minus 6.63

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The Bitin

Sorry no time to post earlier as signals earlier for a V pop up.

bagal mag blog thus the comment na lang sa fb group.

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