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Alsons Consolidated Resources (PSE:ACR)

50Ma is peg at 1.06. Closing price is crucial. Close below means hitting a hard wall. closing above, a potential run away gap is possible come Monday. caveat.


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Broker Alert (PSE: MPI)

On Metro Pacific Investments (PSE: MPI) – Broker activity. Cross sales made by two biggest sellers of MPI today. A 3M shares cross done by JPMorgan and 2.5M shares by Deutsche. As of this posting MPI is unchange at 3.70. CLSA added 2M shares on its coffer.

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Daily chart suggest APC is in overbought territory, but its weekly chart is promising more upside. Buy on weakness (RSI will be the key to enter). Caveat

APC Daily

APC weekly

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Technical & On Broker’s Notes

AgriNurture (PSE:ANI) – gap filled at 18.50, and have formed a neutral stand on its on consolidating pattern. With base low at 15.75, ANI needs to tackle 19 (15.75 x 1.20 = 18.90) for reversal.

Metro Pacific Investments (PSE:MPI) – heavy support again by CLSA. Big seller JP Morgan is still dumping together with Deutsche.Any cross sales done by these two sellers is favorable to MPI.

IPVG (PSE:IP) – earlier at 1.82, IP registered an RSI readings of 50.60 (considered oversold if RSI is at 50-52but not < 50). Current 50MA is peg at 1.76. Current trading at 1.90 as the stock is making a bounce play.

Century Peak Metals (PSE:CPM) – Nice base building.

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Some Updates

MPI – the buy signal registered last feb 17 was a fling, a one day lust affair (after the fact), no follow thru next day. as posted yest, it’s a dud. what’s diff from its prev dud is that the correction filled the gap earlier at 2.60 (as if it was the dud’s intention).with clsa heavy support, im giving mpi as a hold (if ur long).rsi current read is at 47.82

IP – the correction is again forming a divergence, suggesting the stock is bottoming. RSI reading at 51.45 (closed@1.88), in my humble opinion rsi<52 but not <50 is considered “oversold” coming from a steep decline. 50MA @ 1.73


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Makilala Rubber (PSE: MRC)

Parabolic curve in danger zone.

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Mini Tech Talk of Selected Stocks

TUNA – Divergence materializing, corrected to 1.88

IP – making base at the gap filled last friday. low friday was 1.90, reversal point is 2.28 (20%).

ANI – support at 16-16.50 held. making a comeback. rcbc sec heavily buying. something’s cooking here. gap at 18.50

PIP – 25m shares crossed at 2.24 channeled through CLSA.

AT – up .25 @ 10.50, building a base at 10-10.50 level

MPI – no follow tru after a late buy signal @ 2.80, a dud so far. consolidating.

AC – nice comeback, being nsync with the index now.

PSEI – weekly chart suggest, handle materializing formation of the cup & handle pattern. eakout level peg at 3130.

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