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Mga Katanungan

Some of the que i missed to answer. In no particular order. parabolics is giving us a hint that the retest will be the greatest bull trap in the psei history. Here goes.

1) what’s with the 6813 level?
Ans. In my post yesterday, i again emphasized the importance of 6813. Additional explanation here.

2) Do you really have a naked pic?
Sagot. next question please.

3) what’s with the video re LR.
Ans. Silent Lucidity is about lucid dream. in one of the meanings i found in the net, it says and i quote “it is understanding through silence.. (kind of like meditation).”

4) what do you mean by this quote?
Iniisip ko. since wala na hot money, mga caymen wannabees naman ang mag papaakyat sa markets natin. Thus the word “turn” instead of “time”. kasi matagal na sila sa markets, so indi na valid ang “time”.

5) bakit yung re-test to high is a bull trap?
simpleng sagot. parabolics are the most amazing patterns. i call them the mother of all chart patterns.
here’s a link of one of its wonders.

6) do you see the index breaking 6813 and then retrace first?
Hmmmmm. its possible the index will respect that level first and do a second attempt breakout. in case the index breaks 6813 without pausing, that would be shallow. in this case the retest leading to the bull trap will equate to a lower retest target, maybe past 7k only. a second attempt break on the 6813 will have a higher target. unfortunately, parabolics is giving us a hint that the retest will the greatest bull trap in the psei history.


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Bear in Mind – The 2nd attempt theory

Literally. The 2nd attempt theory. “Unlike the first attempt, second attempt break is not emotionally driven. 2nd attempts are known to be sustainable and powerful.”

the bear line territory of 5922 (being the 20% from high of 7403) have been “tested” last tuesday. The first attempt. nothing further.

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Reference Only

Reference only as i might do compilation of studies about parabolics someday. bulk of my paras study was gone when closed shop, managed only to save some. also HD crashed, pc broke down, charts gone away. thus dito ko sa blog pinapasok lahat ng mga ka artehan ko. no ek ek in this post attached.

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APM Parabolic

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Parabolic Guide – Trading the triangle

Try an angle. Try any angle. Triangle. Coined by Senor Chanerm of FM. Parabolics tend to trade on this pattern.

for edit…
bentahan na. for the past days si sm lang ginawa ng fundies na sandalan to limit traction sa index, medyo bumigay na kahapon. type ko pa rin bloom, san tayo aabang. gigil na gigil pa rin ako dito.

btw notice ko lang cpg july 2011 to sept 2011 is like tdy today.
in “theory”, a parabolic that has a “gap” ingredient tends to form a “try an(y) angle-triangle (coined ni senor chanerm)” provided these criteria were met, 1)rsi weekly is still in parabolic status, 2) gap not fill, 3) does not break the “face” level or the major support level.

naisip ko lang kasi may ng tanong sa fb, hinalungat ko ulit to kaboom!

so, any one got the balls to try it on apm? baka mag try any angle rin to.

APM – mimic chart ni TDY which mimicked the chart of CPG (july 2011 to sept 2011)

ngat all. God bless palagi.
to be cont..

base on the supposed triangle, tdy’s pattern occured above its gaps, while cpg filled its gap and made a triangle. so the criteria of gaps is now in question. their rsi weekly though stayed parabolic on the duaration of the pattern. this is for reference only and further observation of how apm will move in the coming days will help us understand further the concepts of parabolics.

CPG Triangle of 2011
to be cont
edit: add

TDY Daily

APM Daily (Chart of 10/09/2012, no time to post earlier)

Parabolic Triangle Test (Apm + TDY)

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APM Parabolic Status

@ 0.032 APM’s daily RSI is at 78.88, now exceeds RSI Weekly which is peg at 73.38
this is now at high risk status.

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Reference Chart: Pgold Update – Momentum waning?

Previous PGOLD chart

Pgold Daily
2 RSI walls need to be taken down. Either Pgold is preparing for a full thrust to break from its bullish pattern or it is simply too exhausted to push higher. My personal bias is to the latter.

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