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Reference Chart – NIKL (kiss of 50ma weekly)

Possible set up. key here is to get lucky to spot the low of the bar. Current low was 24.65, so pls adjust accordingly as chart’s lod still at 24.70


March 31, 2015 at 10:40 am 1 comment

EURO – broker’a analysis suggest retail playing

Warning: low vol, mostly from online brokers suggest retail playing. ingat po baka mahirapan kayo lumabas as low bid price is a killer with high asking price being a sucker.


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Reference Chart – FED (nice history of 50ma and rsi level 50 holding well)

Daily Chart

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Reference Chart – FNI (Pattern within a pattern)

fni is a pattern within a pattern (head and shoulder within a rounding top). fni needs and must hold the brown line as measured target of its head and shoulder is an ugly sight to see (1.20s). question now is, what is the dominant pattern? head and shoulder OR yun rounding top.


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Reference Chart – DD (precedence pattern)

Earlier we posted at fb page about a possible phr (parabolic high risk) brewing for DD.


we now proceed to the precedence pattern of the pole. if interested, a simple search is all it are some precedence pattern samples

we coined the term “precedence pattern” because that’s what usually happen when a stock finished its “pole”, thus what follows next is the “pattern”.

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Reference Chart – AGF mother fractal of ACR

Ridiculous target so far for AGF at 19/share, coupled with ACR chart.



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Kiss of the 50ma theory (Reference chart – house)


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