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This is just a thought. I could be wrong.
Broker’s analysis:
actually there’s little money involved in the pad. same strat sa d & n (other than the 2 funds are now the ones holding the bags for now).

4 brokers. 1 pumper, 3 dumper. the idea (not explained lang coz no time) was included in the notes in smp eb using CHI.

pumper buys 30m worth. using done tru facilities, pumper sells to 3 brokers their shares. dumper1 sold, 8m, dumper 2 sold 8m, dumper 3 sold 10m, total of 26m. so yung nilabas na pera is only 4m. everyday ganyan. now we all look at the pads, alam nila yan na once mawala, retails will panic. are you willing to play their game and be at their mercy or capitalized on your on wit and do partial sells to cover your cost. dont underestimate the super sayan.

The 5B market capital mark, sets the price of cal at 13.88/share. this will be the key level for support if ever cal will succumb to corrections. many years ago, the 5B mark was sort of a radar screener for foreign investors. so its like if your company doesnt met the 5B mark, they will ignore you. that was way before. now you can have a cayman account for $150 applying online and registered it as foreign.

profit long strategy. if u have cal @ 8, its now almost double. sell hap to cover cost and let the other half ride as profit long. no pressure. kabit.


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Wag gayahin

For reference only. hedging

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Wag gayahin

For reference only

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MARC gap fill

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StockMarketPilipinas Anniversary

Many thanks to our sponsors for a successful event particularly NIEVES Securities thru the kindness of Mr PHILIP HUANG, CALATA CORP and Unicap Securities. Many thanks to PSE Market Education thru its Head, Mr LEO QUINITIO as well as Mr. EDWARD LEE of COL Financial Group.

Many thanks to senor dmar of SMP for the video and pics. Muchos gracias senor.

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Aud/Usd Chart

Aud reverses against the greenback. negate if price drops below 50ma & rsi 50 level.

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GMAP – RSI is the key

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