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Backdoor This , Backdoor That. Now tell me, its an Ass thing, right?

Rumors since last year i forgot when exactly and who started and what the heck. Did those rumors materialize? There’s one, boomburry or was it blomburys or something with bury. Anyways, it was one poohy ride. To all the NEWBIES who’s riding the ACTION, be very careful. It’s either you’re going to curse yourself or praise that sick rumor monger. Either case, you dont praise your self. If you know what i mean, you know risk. Otherwise, you’re going to google your fave stock more often looking for some good news.

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UNI RSI wall break or not

Watch the close

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Break the wall, you got a run up. Untog and back to low 6.

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@ 5.80
Daily RSI 76.74 is nearing Weekly RSI 77
Considering high risk if RSI > Weekly in parabolic state as this suggest parabolic top. Caveat
edit add 10:10am
@ 5.85
RSI Daily is 76.94
RSI Weekly is 77.14
edit add 10:17am
RSI Daily exceeds RSI Weekly in parabolic state
RSI Daily is 78.05
RSI Weekly is 77.01

edit add 10:34am
RSI Daily is 78.45
RSI Weekly is 78.07

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Pacifica – PA

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APX RSI Update

APX needs to break previous rsi high to negate divergence (which started as early as 5.50). Near rsi 70, facing a wall.

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WIN RSI Alert Update

@ 0.54, Daily RSI is at 70.89, @ 0.53 rsi wil ldip below 70 at 69.83
IF WIN will close below 0.54 then daily is a paraburst. Expect major support to gettested at 0.62 x 0.80 = 0.495 – 0.50 levels.

RSI Weekly is still above 80. Parabolic still. Caveat.

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