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Atlas Mining – AT

Top line done. Breather needed for now until a new pattern emerges.


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GBP/USD (The Cable Wedgie)

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The Scariest Chart You’ll See This Month

Hi friends,

Today i got an email from a friend as he pointed to me what he thinks got a merit to be awash with cash. The above link points to S&P 500 60-min chart. Basing from what the author implies, S&P 500 is heading for a breakdown from a bearish rising wedge formation. At first look, from a technical point of view, S&P 500 is in for a free fall. Question now is this, if should this happen; how should we deal about it?

Now, as i dig deeper, i scan the SP500 3-yr charts both daily and weekly (sorry free charting is limited to 3 years only). And i found an interesting story. Was it in conformity with the scariest chart or the big picture is telling us a different view?

A little thrill. Chart of S&P500 will be uploaded later at Spyfrat’s Call

God bless always.

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sometimes defunct, once in awhile, if i have time to write “NewsL!tter” may come as a surprise to those who received it first time, that such exist.

My heartfelt admiration to the author of the article, Mr Jeff Clark.

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Gold Wedge Theory Update


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News L!tter? (Hmmm…)

I discontinued making newsletter when somebody from a foreign brokerage house reminded me that …. (place your ads here). hehe


Dear friends.
First, apologies on the previous analysis re: major dollar collapse within 2 weeks. the study was off by 2 weeks. only consolation was it came late than never. i posted some charts when euro and aussie triggered a buy signal on their daily charts but got a whipsaw signal on usd/chf on swiss intervention. over the weekend i studied some interesting patterns in the S&P. here’s a brief outlook…

“key level 797-809 for this week. if break, 950 in may09. analysis used are wedge theory, channel,grid, and vbottom patterns.
analysis void if key levels are not break within the week. time element is a big factor in this analysis. caveat.”

take care all and Godbless.

be well,

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